A Partner for a Stronger St. Louis Region

Civic Progress is an organization of CEOs and leading executives from the St. Louis region’s largest businesses and employers who are working to improve the quality of community and business life for all the citizens of the bi-state metropolitan area.  We believe St. Louis offers unique advantages as a place to live, work and raise a family.

Our mission is to identify and support initiatives that can help unify the St. Louis region, to help align and invest scarce public resources, and to better connect St. Louis with the global community.  Our priority areas of interest are regionalism and connectivity, transportation and infrastructure, education, diversity and inclusion.  We collaborate closely with the region’s other business organizations, our local and state elected officials, and government agencies and nonprofit organizations to build consensus and action.

I am honored to be a member of Civic Progress and to have the opportunity to work with my colleagues and fellow citizens in helping the St. Louis region grow, prosper and become a better community for all its residents.

Ward M. Klein
Chairman, Civic Progress
Chief Executive Officer, Energizer Holdings, Inc.