Focus Areas

Centering the Advancement
of Our Region

Civic Progress has identified four key strategic priorities that are foundational to advancing the region and improving the quality of life for all our residents.

Public Safety

Strengthening Our Community

Public safety is one of the most difficult issues facing our region. Communities thrive when citizens feel safe -- no matter where they are, no matter who they are. Civic Progress supports efforts that improve community-police relations and collaborates with community organizations focused not only on crime prevention, intervention and reduction strategies, but also on community empowerment.

Workforce Development
and Education

Building Our Talent Pipeline

To compete globally, the St. Louis region must attract, retain and continue to develop a pipeline of talent to meet the needs of today’s -- and equally important, tomorrow’s employers. Civic Progress invests in initiatives that help create a skilled, diverse and well-trained workforce in the greater St. Louis region.

Economic Development

Creating Vibrant Regional Growth

Greater St. Louis has not experienced the economic growth in recent years as compared to its peer metropolitan areas. While many areas and communities within the region prosper, too many are left behind. There’s an opportunity to help the entire region achieve its full potential. Civic Progress collaborates with various organizations to accelerate economic growth by advancing priorities that make our region attractive.

Regional Image

Re-Imagining Our Future

St. Louis has a lot to offer and a great story to tell. Civic Progress is part of a regionwide collaboration that celebrates and supports the accomplishments of our community’s residents, leaders, institutions, businesses, and nonprofits in a way that showcases the true narrative of St. Louis.